IOBit sucks at ethics

IOBit is a Chinese software company that produces system optimization and security applications for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Yesterday Techdows ran a story claiming that IObit’s Advanced SystemCare 6 beta was installing browser extensions/spyware without consent. This was hardly news, as IOBit have a long history of bundling malicious spyware with their apps. This post aims to shed a light on IOBit’s various illegal and unethical business practices.

IObit hijacking search & homepage settings

Distributing Malware

IOBit have also been linked to other companies (usually listed as “partners” on the IOBit website) which are known to distribute malware. There is significant evidence suggesting they also own Evensoft; known for rogue disk cleaning software. In 2012 IOBIt were accused of pushing a rogue registry optimisation application, shown below.

Fake and misleading website content

Sadly this isn’t the first time IOBit has violated their users rights or displayed questionable ethics. Previous versions of their website had pages claiming that Advanced SystemCare could improve your pornography viewing experience. (The links; http://www.iobit.com/porn-games.html and http://www.iobit.com/naruto-hentai.html have since been removed by IOBit, however they can still be found on various internet archives.) In 2009 IOBit displayed fake reviews on their website, falsely claiming that their security product had been recommended by Forbes and CNN. In addition; positive reviews for IOBit products were posted before those products had even been released.

Theft of Malwarebytes’ Intellectual Property

In late 2009; IOBit was caught stealing the database definitions of Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and incorporating them into their own security product. When confronted by this claim; rather than apologize and amend the situation – they instead chose to blame their users. They eventually removed all of Malwarebytes’ definitions from their database (~70% of the entire database), however they never issued a formal apology for their misconduct.

Censorship and Misleading Users

IOBit have a bit of a PR problem too. In this forum thread; an IOBit staff member specifically linked to negative reviews of IOBit software and claimed that they were being made with “evil intentions.” A CNET user claimed that IOBit’s Advanced SystemCare crashed his/her system. IOBit’s management literally described this review as “rude and total racism.” Furthermore, they incited their users to reply to the review on CNET. Many comments went as far as calling the user a “moron” and claiming he was incapable of operating the software. Any attempt to call IOBit out on their poor quality software and general disregard for ethics leads to retaliation.

Websites and individuals that promote IOBit’s software should be ashamed that they are contributing towards such unethical practices. They distribute spyware, push rogue software, publish fake reviews, steal intellectual property, intimidate users and promote pornography. Why hasn’t anybody shut them down yet?


September 20th, 2012 – IOBIt has been caught distributing malware and lying to users. Again.
April 2nd, 2013 – I’ve rewritten large portions of this article and divided it into subheadings.
December 6th 2015 – Someone has been spamming this post with pro-IObit comments from sock-puppet accounts.

105 thoughts on “IOBit sucks at ethics

  1. Chicken

    Why hasn’t anybody shut them down yet?

    The awnser is IOBit is based in china , a place where the right well placed bribes
    Will let you get away with anything ,
    And Iobit has lots of money generated by its loyal and worshiping user’ssome of whom
    do defend and treat Iobit Like as if it was a god .

    iobits PR department is always in over drive protection its users from the truth
    Their help fourm is PR heaven where they reinforce user confidence it their software
    Recent issue is IObit Protected Folder Authentication Bypass
    After this was published some users post on about it on iobits fourm asking about the issue
    the posts were removed rather fast to say the least

    Iobit still contiues to decive it users and all too many of them still think iobit is the best thing since sliced bread ,,,,,,,,,,

    1. Rick Goeringer

      IOBIT stole $499 from me on April 13, 2014. Promised unlimited online backup in writing and delivered no backup at all. I disputed the credit card with PayPal and was told I needed proof that they promised to refund the money other than verbal.

      1. Joan

        Iobit tried the same with me. I called their “Customer Service” last night. They logged into my system to “Help” me fix a problem with my installer that I’ve been having since downloading their System * three days ago. Toward the end of the session, after the jerk told me I needed to have someone “clean” my computer regularly, the jerk was trying to click on “Accept” after going to an IOBIT page that sold that same service. I kept moving the mouse so he couldn’t do it.

        Jackass. I’m uninstalling and demanding a refund.

  2. USA! USA! USA!

    I knew iobit wasn’t up to snuff just by reading their website and support forums. I tried to see where they were located because I suspected Chinese crap. No reference to any physical location to be found anywhere. Googled it and found this site. Turns out not only was I right, but they are worse than I thought. Uninstalled Advanced System Care free after 10 minutes of ownership.

  3. Bjorn

    Soo.. What do you suggest instead? How to be sure than “none of the others” doesn´t do the same if this is true? I mean “even” american firms.. I am just curious since it would be really bad if this is true about Iobit since it works remarkably well.. And is Bitdefender too installing spyware?

    I am sincerely wanting to hear about anther solution that work as well or even better than Advanced Systemcare (for a fair price that is!)

    1. Shane Gowland Post author

      The geographic location of IOBIt or any other software company is totally irrelevant and unrelated to their trustworthiness. There are good and bad companies everywhere.

      To answer your question: You don’t really *need* a system optimization program. Simple things like controlling the number of startup programs, deleting temporary files and de-fragmenting your hard drives can completely invalidate the need to buy any all-in-one program. Check out ‘Computer Maintenance – The Comprehensive Guide

  4. Muhammad Faezin Bin Mohamed Yasin

    I have used Advanced SystemCare PRO 6 from IObit (www.iobit.com) for 2 years and noticed that it doesn’t slows down my laptop. I also scan Advanced SystemCare PRO 6 with Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013 Cloud Edition just to make sure it is safe. Trend Micro said this software (Advanced SystemCare PRO 6) is SAFE and it DOESN’T INFECT YOUR COMPUTER.

    1. Shane Gowland Post author

      This post doesn’t claim that Advanced SystemCare is infected. It claims that IOBit is a history of unethical business practices. You keep blindly trusting your ‘Trend Micro [buzzword] [buzzword] [buzzword] [year] [buzzword] [buzzword]‘ and leave the thinking to other people.

      1. Koohkan

        Shane , you are so f. rude , what is wrong with you ?
        I don’t like Iobit at all , but I do not trust you either.
        You have a software developing company , it is very simple to see why you don’t like Iobit !

        1. Shane Gowland Post author

          If you come here and act like a monumental idiot, I will not hesitate to point it out. This is my personal website: your precious feelings don’t matter here.

          You’re correct that I likely have an agenda in bashing IOBit. Unfortunately I don’t. I frequently recommend and defend my competitors. Even IOBit.

          1. Jay Ram

            I checked a few replies on the comments here and a few can be traced back to IP’s that were VPN from the starting point of THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA. This is not only real, but scary,

          2. Shane Gowland Post author

            How are you tracing them without having access to the IP address they posted with?

          3. Justin Buck

            Shane, just an observation:

            Handling those with limited knowledge/experience with aplomb and tact is a far more productive and representative of superior customer service/human relations skills than is responding with snark and aggressive pulling of the skull from the northern sections of the anatomy. 😉

          4. Shane Gowland Post author

            I agree. Usually I’m delightful, but I draw the line when people come to personal website (the digital equivalent of my house) and start spouting nonsense.

    2. Learned the hard way

      I had trend micro and that crappy advance car system in high scho back when I was extra naive because I wanted to see the good in everyone. Pc crashed. The end

    3. learned the hard way

      i decided to pull this up on my pc so that i would not have fifty million typos like my last one. poor iphone is tired and could not keep up with my typing speed.

  5. Jean

    the comment below is a copy of the email I sent today to someone named Alicia who wrote me asking why I was questioning a withdrawal for 19.99 from my paypal account. About a month ago, I saw my Paypal account was minus 19.99 from a company called Avangate. I complained to the BBB in California about Avangate removing money from my Paypal Account. Avangate turned out to be Advance System Care. I found that out when Alicia emailed me today from Ibit-Advanced System Care about my complaint regarding Avangate via Paypal. I had to get a new Mastercard and change Paypal passwords. It took over my computer via a virus.

    Dear Alicia,
    I received Advance System Care as a virus on my computer. I had one heck of a time getting it off; as the software would not allow itself to be uninstalled. The virus comes along with your a “fix” for the virus. The fix is your Advance System Care software. I do not want it, I never agreed to it and I never authorized your “company” to take money out of my Paypal account. I would never authorize anyone to automatically take money out of my Paypal account. I do not even want to send you an email. Please stay away from my email address. I repeat, lose my email address.

    1. Karen Soh

      Did you manage to get a refund for the USD$19.90? My bank also requires me to change a new card and inform me i have to update any acct i have with my current card after i change a new card since base on the ethics of this company. I brought their version 3 and untick auto renew thus was not billed for version 4 but they put me back on their auto renew for version 5 and 6. I am very sure i did log in acct to untick auto rewnew as i have this habit after a very experience many years ago.

      1. G.Y. Land

        I use a very successful system to safeguard myself against all sorts of internet fraud. I have a second Visa Card I call Internet Account. I only transfer money into the account for exactly the amount I am charged on any Internet invoice. Any attempt to withdraw later or again funds will result in an unpaid claim you can explain to your bank as a fraudulently withdrawal. This is a good way to keep money trixsters like IOBit from steeling your money.

    2. Alina

      Hello Jean,I have the same problem as you(almost).I buy with paypal last year Advance sistem care for 3 pc with only 15 $.This year..exactly this month they take out of my paypal account 36.29$..without asking me if im ok with the price or if im ok to buy them product again.Call me idiot or what ever..but i really dint knew nothing about the renewal function from my paypal account(this mean stealing with legal papiers)Now im fighting with them trought email to give my money back!!..this is insane..cause if the product will cost this year 300$ they will take from my account 300$..and they are protected by law???i call avangate and tehy told me that is my problem that i dint knew about the renewal cause they told me with an emeil last week.But is crazy cause the send me an email wich they write that i “should” renewal the program by buying with 36.29.I delete the email cause i dint want to renewal..and this week to have this “surprise” to see that they already take my money from my account!!
      Can anyone help me with an advise how to get my money back?

      Best regards

      1. Grandpa CO

        Close your accounts and open new accounts bith bank and paypal. If the account is closed no money for that co. to steal!

  6. Floyd Kraemer

    Hi Shane, I am a mid level home / business user who has installed Iobit ASC 6 and have had very good results with it but your concerns about this being a Chinese company and the cyber spying they have been carrying on concerns me greatly. How can I tell IF they have installed anything on my computer that would allow them to back door me or something like that? I just found you so I am a bit hesitant. There are so many doomsayers out there these days.

    1. Shane Gowland Post author

      I’ve moved this comment to a more appropriate location.

      As I’ve said numerous times before, it’s unlikely that there is spyware/malware included in IOBit’s software. The issues I’ve raised are exclusively focused on their unethical business practices.

      1. Erectus

        I’m not a racist or anything, but you Americans have a little problem, you always want to control everything in any field. Let others live too. And btw, i’m not Chinese, in case you wonder, I’m European.
        I used ASC for a long time, i tested it, as many other programs, and it doesn’t do what you are saying. I think you don’t like it for different reasons. You just whistle and and everybody follows like a herd….without knowing what are you talking about, or them,or that matter

        1. Shane Gowland Post author

          1: You can’t be racist towards Americans. America is a country, not a race.
          2: I’m not American.
          3: Please quote a section of this post where suggest there is something inherently malicious about Advanced System Care. This is a post about the ethical limitations of the company producing ASC, not the product itself.
          4: Your reading comprehension skills are lacking. English doesn’t appear to be your first language, so I’m not going to insult your intelligence. What I am going to suggest however, is that you fully understand what you’re reading before feeling entitled to an opinion.

          1. Christopher Jones

            Personally, I like Shane’s style, articulation and insightfulness here. It’s a service that is meant to benefit others more than anything else. If you think he’s harsh on you, he really isn’t. That’s just a limitation one poses upon themselves with over-sensitivity to directness. He’s not informing you here to be your friend or cheerleader. Instead, he’s simply looking to present facts which you can verify on your own. Some of you lack the ability to recognize instructional tips without perceiving sinister intent.

          2. Shane Gowland Post author

            Thanks Christopher. After reading some of the comments this post has attracted, it’s nice to hear from someone who understands the intentions with which it was written.

          3. Eric Alan Martin

            Unfortunately there are many companies that have questionable ethics, in fact so many if you want to avoid them you better get rid of cell phones, advanced home phones, computers, your tv, dvd/blu ray, new fridge/stove/dishwasher/dryer/garbage compactor as many are networked.
            Old style phone and radio might be okay, maybe.

            To me what Shane is saying is be aware of what you are getting yourself into, “buyer beware”.
            BTW I am Canadian, which is Canada, not a race;.

  7. claude. zanardo

    OIBIT have automatically renewed my licence for Advanced Systems Care Pro 6 without my approval. They used the credit card details I provided when I first purchase the program.The renewal notice says that I authorised “automatic renewal” in the initial purchase. I am certain I did not do this. Attempts to contact them by e-mail have all failed.
    Has any one else had this experience?

    1. Eric

      It was a sneaky little check box that was filled for you when you made the purchase. You gotta watch for these kind of things when making online purchases.

    2. Cece

      I am going through this same issue as of last friday, I noticed $29.99 deducted from my account through paypal, I did send them an e-mail but no response yet…

  8. Eric

    I purchased the ASC Pro a week ago. I thought that I was purchasing the 5th edition at the time and recieved an activation code for the 5th edition. Here I find that 6 is a beta??? Anyway, it turned out that they wanted external access to my comp in order to “fix” the issue. I told them that I would not allow any external access to my comp, and I just wanted my money back. Sooo, I was dirrected back to the website to jump through the refund hoops if I wanted my money back. It has been a week now and my PayPal account has not yet been reimbursed. There seems to be no way to speak to a human in hope of getting my money back, and Avangate tells me that they are just fund collectors and have no authority to refund my money. Time for class action??

    Google this: Webb et. al. V. Cleverbridge Inc. et.al.

    1. Eric

      Taken from http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=332191:

      Just got a notice of a proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit against Cleverbridge and Uniblue. I guess anyone who purchased anything from these folks in the last four years may be entitled to collect $12.50 for any combination of deceptive practices (such as empty claims about what a software can do) or problems with auto-renewal.

      Anyway, an interesting issue. Some of the language of the settlement proposal is provided below.

      Uniblue designs certain software products and licenses their use through third party vendors. Cleverbridge, Inc. and cleverbridge AG, market and sell Uniblue Software Products to customers in the United States for use on personal computers. Plaintiffs each allegedly purchased one or more of these Software Products.

      In September of 2011, Plaintiffs filed a second complaint in their class action lawsuit against cleverbridge, Inc., cleverbridge AG and Uniblue in the Northern District of Illinois on behalf of customers who purchased Uniblue Software Products, alleging that the Software Products did not perform certain functions as advertised. A more complete description of the allegations is set forth in the Second Amended Complaint. The Settling Defendants deny Plaintiffs’ claims of wrongdoing, but have agreed to settle all claims against them to avoid the expense of continued legal

  9. Karen Soh

    I brought their Advanced SystemCare version 3 in 2010 and i have login my account to untick auto renew. I am very sure i did this and i have a habit of doing it for many years to new software i brought or download due to bad experiences. I am not on their auto renew for Advanced SystemCare version 4 (2011) but in 2012 the company deduct my bank for version 5 and send me an email informing me of my purchase and provide a download link and the key. As it is registered under my gaming email which i don’t check thus i didn’t realise till this year. In 2013 they again charge me USD$19.90 for their version 6 and provide a link to download and key.I ask for a refund via email them and they instruct me how to download their version 6 and inform me i have opt for their auto renew thus i am bill for this 2 version. It is NOT true!!!!! I just replied to the person who response to my email and inform her regarding my situation.

    Have to wait for their reply but base on what i read online from http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/avangate-iobit-charged-1995-for-renewal-of-product-i-did-not-originally-order-or-wish-renewal-of-c634181.html
    they might response with a claim that i have “communication problems” like what they did to others.

  10. sherkhan

    The location has a lot to do with trustworthiness of a company. There are some bad companies in Europe and other places BUT the companies in china are pretty much ALL bad! Don’t buy anything from china!!! Pretty much all the countries in Europe, North and South America and Australia report thousands of cyber attacks that originate in china. So don’t give us that crap about “oh so what that is chinese, they could be good”. THEY ARE NOT ANY GOOD! Anything from china is not worth the risk. Screw them. There are software MUCH better from everywhere else. Screw china with their chinese crap!

    1. learned the hard way

      Not to say that i agree with china being 100% evil but i thought that the news of UAB’s systems being hacked by someone or thing in China may interest you. I have a friend who workers there and the entire systems is going through security scramble right now.

    2. Jack

      The NSA is without doubt THE biggest hacker and enemy of privacy on the planet and the American govt. creates deadly malware like Stuxnet to attack foreign nuclear facilities (yeah, nothing can go wrong there). Yet we have ignorant Americans drunk on their Kool Aid bashing other countries for hacking. Effin’ hilarious.

      1. Jack

        Shane, the “Cancel Reply” button happens to be located *right below* “Post Comment”. I don’t know who’s responsible for this hideous UI, but on a touch screen it’s ridiculously easy to hit the wrong button/link and lose one’s lengthy comment, without even a simple confirmation. Please do something about this – it’s idiotic to say the least.

          1. Jack

            All right, so they’re responsible and not you. I’ll see if there’s any way to file a bug with them. I’m not a WP expert, but would a different theme perhaps fix this? Or perhaps you can edit the HTML/CSS to move the buttons apart at your end? (Since I don’t recall such an issue on other WP blogs I frequent.)

            Also, I’m mighty surprised that in this day and age WP doesn’t offer an AJAX-based form and requires a complete page reload on comment submission. Or is this something at your end?

          2. Shane Gowland Post author

            The comment submission form is hosted by WordPress.com and displayed here within an iframe. The list comments is hosted on my server, so there’s no way for the comment form to send an AJAX request to the page to render newly added comments. It’s a really curious commenting system, but it confuses the hell out of spambots.

            Being hosted on their end means I can’t edit the CSS or manipulate it in any way.

          3. Jack

            Thanks for the explanation, Shane. Please feel free to delete these off-topic meta comments regarding the comments! 🙂

  11. M

    How would you go about uninstalling Advanced System Care 6 and there admittedly very good uninstaller? I’ve read in a couple of blogs that you should use the programs uninstaller to get everything but with this company’s ethics that might not be the best course. Would Revo Uninstaller do the trick? What would you suggest?

  12. Hassan Zaheer

    i trust you after all the evidence you have provided so i am uninstalling ASC pro 6.Thanks for the information.

  13. Jerry

    Just wanted to say that today I updated my free version of Advanced SystemCare, and it automatically changed my Chrome browser’s search engine from Google to Yahoo!, and added some useless Spigot extensions as well. When installing It did ask me if I want to change my search engine to something else, but the option that said “Keep the old one”, was actually Yahoo! search engine, and Google wasn’t one of the two or three choices it gave me. Avoid at all costs.

  14. Chris

    Absolute rubbish company disguised pretty well as a reputable business. Stay away and don’t risk paying for the hassles their products and piss poor customer support may cause.
    What might seem like a good value deal for a suite of products and tools, it isn’t really!…and this is why my opinion reflects so negatively!…

    …It’s been over two weeks since anyone from IObit even bothered to reply with a proper suggestion, fix or explanation to some rather nasty issues caused (admittedly) by IObit Advanced SystemCare 6 pro and one of their updates!
    Aside from such an unacceptable waiting period for a reply, IObit is showing obvious signs of deliberately avoiding issues with their software but most importantly, it’s showing constant signs of being an unethical business, not adhering to it’s own terms and conditions and contractual obligations!
    I paid for a service and product (licence fee & hard copy) in good faith, expecting IObit to deliver and perform as stipulated in it’s own Terms & Conditions, however, for parting with my money and investing a little bit of trust in them I got anything but a good result for my decision to use IObit.
    In fact, aside from paying them for a “useful” suite of products, some of their tools caused more damage to my system than good.
    Bringing this matter to IObit Support’s attention, I expected at least a timely reply and real commitment from IObit towards it’s customers yet I have received neither.
    I’ve been using their tools in ASC 6 Pro for a few months, on 5 separate devices and what seemed like a good product and a good purchase at first, eventually came undone after one of their updates. The Disc Scan tool started crashing on commencement, then the whole program started crashing (not responding) and a few days later it started crashing my entire system whenever I would start ASC 6 Pro.
    A system scan with Bitdefender Total Security 2013 picked up ASC as being infected with malware, which Bitdefender managed to repair (AVG & Trend Micro missed it completely prior to replacing them with Bitdefender)…therefore even the IObit Malware Fighter Free (another one of their programs which I was using at the time before installing a better Anti Malware tool and replacing AVG with Bitdefender) ended up being a rather useless, even ridiculously incompetent tool, not worth the money!
    I pointed out this issue to IObit support and after days of waiting for them to even show an interest in the matter they replied asking for the relevant logs in order to “investigate”…only to return an answer about a week later with a solution amounting to nothing more than a ridiculous joke (“We apologise for the delay and inconvenience, please uninstall and reinstall ASC 6 Pro. We also suggest you upgrade to our award winning Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 which has a built in antivirus”).
    Certainly not what I expected from IObit Tech Support and certainly not worth looking at this business and their products ever again!
    Being ignored for over two weeks by IObit after initially providing anything but tech support or any real explanation is simply more proof of the declining image IObit is experiencing and it’s behaviour is akin to a rogue business in the making.
    To their credit though, half from their last bit of advice was useful, I’ve uninstalled their software, even thrown away the hard copy DVD they shipped to me after the original purchase. There are better choices in relevant software out there.

  15. tcccpa

    I have just been screwed by iobit. They somehow got my paypal account and charged me the 30 bucks for the prosystem. However I did not order it. I am thinking that paypal would refund this. I was having problems and I did call HP and Microsoft but I told them if they could not help me find drivers for free that I did not want their help. I emphatically said that I did not want to pay for this. And I just ended up using the factory reset recovery.

  16. RedneckRival

    I use to use the Advanced System Care (ASC FREE) series and realized after a while that they weren’t nearly as effective as they claimed it to be. Although I have to admit I really like their free IOBit Toolbox that they have conveniently removed from their site. The IObit Toolbox was really useful, free and portable probably the best software on their site (IMHO). I would never buy their products though and I would steer clear of their Advanced System Care that is bloated as will not speed up your computer by 300% or whatever they are stating nowadays.

    @ Mr Shane here’s some more ammunition (as if you needed more, lol) that IObit’s ethics suck, MBAM (MalwareBytes Anti-Malware) have stated that IObit has been stealing their database and using it as their own and they have proof! (2009 post at their forum)


  17. Augie

    I also have been ripped off by Advantgate/Advanced SystemCare 6 pro. When first purchased through my PayPal account the amount was $19.90. Now, at the end of the 1 year license, without my prior approval, my account was charged $57.44!

    Forget about trying to contact them either by e-mail or phone; you will not get any response. Do as I did and cancel your PayPal account and change your credit/debit cards so they cannot do this to you.

  18. rich

    Wouldn’t you think that the site would get closed down, if the programs put spyware, etc on your p.c’s, etc, etc. If it’s a Chinese software company ????

    1. learned the hard way

      I’m pretty sure they have found ways around that system. The user still has the choice to download the software thereby giving them a foothold in any court case. I’m no expert but I do often wonder about loopholes and under the table deals in our society. It just seems too tangible to be overlooked as any form of the slightest conspiracy.

  19. CCCP

    Tried to leave a comment, but when I pasted some text into the “Leave a reply” window, the rest of the page disappears.

  20. Peter Novy

    I suggest to use their products (as I do for several years now) and go from there, Accusation based on assumptions are hate crimes and if you need to vent your own steam, start to exercise, eat healthy food and then come back to computer. Test more System products and compare – you will see that IOBIT improves products, trying to be original and result is what we all need.

    PS: if you agree with installation of toolbar it automatically means YOU are aware that toolbar will be there. This is not spyware or malicious spyware. Many companies let users use quick access to their products via toolbar – also containing search bar which can serve company as additional income as affiliation with search company. No illegality there. ONLY if YOU do not agree with installation of this toolbar.

    Take it easy guys – internet is international network, why do you start with defining nationality of the company? Chinese have also mother and father as you do…

    1. Shane Gowland Post author

      I suggest you read. I’ve used their products; all of them. I’ve even recommended some of them on this blog.

      I also suggest you look up the definition of a ‘hate crime.’ While I’ve defended the “they’re Chinese, they must be bad” mantra in these comments, I’m aware some readers haven’t. But they’re drawing prejudice on the basis of presumed crimes, not on the basis of ethnicity.

      As for your little “PS,” I once again instruct you to read. There have been many instances where IOBit installers have installed the toolbar after the user specifically selected the “I do not agree to install” option. A Google search will bring up hundreds of irate users.

      Your final point is a hypocrisy too. When you’re eating Lemon Chicken, do you describe it as “Chinese food” or “food,” then mention the ethnicity of the food several paragraphs away.

      Do your research, click a few links in the article, maybe inspect some of the lawsuits. I look forward to hearing back from a more educated version of you.

    2. Mike

      Peter You are so wrong. I subscribed to IOBIT because some moron like you recommended it, my brand new computer is so screwed up (after using their software) that I now have to pay $250 to get my hard drive wiped and start all over.
      I have written them 6x now answer. Also calling pay pal so that I can change my account email so they can not fleece me for more money. Has nothing to do with with nationality ( My wife is Chinese) I am sure if this software did what its suppose to do you would not get as many negative comments. Their product does not improve anything as soon as I ran their scan my computer was screwed, coincidence? I doubt it.

    3. oluka peter

      i see some sense here, reading through all the comments, i was thinking i am in for a surprise given that i have just paid for IOBIT and i am waiting to get the payment acknowledgement and the product ofcourse. reason why i said i was probably going to get a rude surprise is because after transfering money to their avangate account some place in europe three days ago, my account reads zero dollars. this from what i know is not correct because my transfer is already earning the company interest which they must make good by reciprocally delivering the product to me. let me first give it a wait and see. otherwise i have run a free version of the product on my computer with what i will say good results. thanx peter.

  21. CCCP

    I’ll say something positive, for a change. (And no, I’m not working for IoBit, even just discovered they’re chinese, which doesen’t bother me, they could be from Mars for what I care. But that they seem to steal data from Malwarebytes, well, that’s real ugly!)

    Sure to get some bashing…

    A long time ago I was running XP SP1 on a HP laptop (actually an OEM – read crippled – version of Windows: my first PC, I was still naive). Regularly the system grew completely unstable so I had to reformat/reinstall Windows (about every 4 months!), till I discovered IoBit System Care (v. 2.56, it was then called “Windows Care”): problem solved. (Since then I of course upgraded to SP2 & SP3, so perhaps I don’t need SC any more…)

    My point is simply that in about seven or eight years of use I _never_ had a problem with SC. (About its real usefulness I can’t say much, of course, save that I have another machine, XP SP3, which has run flawlessly for five years now. Perhaps, and only perhaps, thanks to SC.)

    Just upgraded to SC 7 beta, and saw _no_ changes to my browsers.

    Another, very minor, point: the only game I own had trouble running on my puny laptop, and their “Game booster” (which just temporarily shuts down unessential Windows processes) cured that.

    Next point: as somebody said here, their “Toolbox” is a free, portable and very useful system tool. As far as I know, you can still get it at Major Geeks. Or you can convert SC to a portable version, which incorporates said Toolbox.

    Both my machines run also the IoBit “Smart Defrag”. There are possibly better, more efficient, free defragglers around, but what I like is that this one executes in the background, when the machine is idle, so I never have more than about 1% of fragmentation. (Actually it’s more like 0.1%.)

    To sum it up: every time I shut down I first run a SC scan and then get rid of remaining junk files with Cleanup. Once a month I complement that with an antivirus scan (Comodo), a deep (?) registry cleanup with Eusing Regcleaner, full defragmentation & optimisation of the hard disks and a registry defragment. (And clean screen & keyboard…)
    A bit paranoid, are we?
    Which takes hours, so I automated the process with Autoit (free, easy to use, but basic-like) and can just go to bed, the machine shutting down when it’s finished.

    So I really coulden’t say anything bad about IoBit.

    But notice one very important fact: I _never_ bought anything from them…

    1. Shane Gowland Post author

      I generally agree with you. IOBit make some nice, functional software. That’s why I focused this post on the companies ethical issues, rather than their products.

    2. Antiquated Me

      I was in the process of installing the free version of IObit products when I came across this article. I have downloaded Advanced SystemCare 7.2 (and IObit Malware, Smart Defrag 3 and Driver Booster, as recommended in the Action Center on the software’s startup page). I only used the IObit Uninstaller program. After reading ALL of the posts, I am obviously concerned about my actions and decision to download it. I believe I carefully read, and did not “accidentally” change any settings on my browser, download additional functions (other than the “recommended” items in Action Center), Activate, Purchase or provide any personal information by Registration. I am writing this post before I click on any other IObit “Recommendations”; such as the Driver Booster v1.2 Attention! 5 devices have outdated drivers, stating their performance at the worst possible rating. Oh yeah, from the appearance of the software’s interface, there are 9 drivers that need updating, IF I Activate Now.

      My question is THIS: why is this software favorably reviewed by CNet and why didn’t Norton version 21.1.018 send any warnings? Am I just this naïve?

      So, instead of continuing with the installation process of IObit’s programs, I am going to download Revo Installer and run IT instead.

      I appreciate everyone’s time spent sharing information and submitting comments, which inspired me to leave my own. Thank you to webpage’s host for its creation, articulate, intellectual, educational content and FREE-SPEECH format!

      I am going to get back to my IObit odyssey. I would love to read about anyone’s thoughts. I will post again if I experience any drama as a result of introducing Advance SystemCare to my computer, so others may learn. If I do not post another comment, Happy Trails to Everyone

  22. Mike

    CCCP nothing to do with not knowing how to reformat my hard drive and everything to do with time and money. I have better things to do with my time than reformat my hard drive. I work full time, and my spare time is quality time for my family.

  23. nimd4

    ‘IOBit sucks [..]’ is an understatement of the year!.. Here’s what Comodo reported as being installed and wanting to connect (like 10 different things), after I only wanted to install the IObit Advanced SystemCare program:

    .. and after trying to remove and uninstall everything, I was left with a bunch of stuff; the Program Files (x86) folder, for IObit, still has 12.5MB and &appdata%IObit has 2.5 MB (which is fine, unlike the former).

    So, where’s the IObit Uninstaller – uninstaller, lmao; dafuq. :-/

    Where can we warn people against using their software, other than here?!??



    I’ve used Iobit’s Advanced Systemcare for a couple of years, but am not capable of telling how effective it is. My problem is with their abominable ethics. Just for example, I responded to their attractive early subscription renewal by renewing my sub, thinking the renewal would be added onto the end of my current sub which is to expire in November. But they tried to make my renewal effective immediately (August), meaning cancelling the balance of my existing subscription! They changed this after I angrily complained. I should have dropped them right then. Now today I decided I’d had enough. I told them to cancel my expiring subscription, and refund my prepaid renewal charge which hadn’t even gone into effect yet. The guy I talked to wouldn’t confirm that I’d get a refund, and based on their history I fully expect this fraudulent company to deny the refund without me getting any benefit from the subscription. Tech support at another software mfr told me that the company “isn’t legit,” but wouldn’t elaborate. Avoid this company!!!


      I complained about IObit/Advanced Systemcare on 10/26/13, mentioning that I’d prepaid on a 1 year renewal and then after having problem with them I cancelled the renewal before it was to go into effect. Today is 11/12/13, and I’ve gotten no refund and don’t expect to, despite them knowing my complaint. In short, they simply stole my money without giving anything for it. They are thieves, plain & simple. I then bought TuneUp Utilities 2014 from another company, and it’s cheap but works like a dream, plus I was able to reach included live telephone tech support who gave me plenty of time. What a contrast!

    2. Dragan Lalic

      Had a similar problem with Norton about 7 years ago.Though I did not try to communicate and test Norton. I since that incident automatically immediately delete their products that reside on any device that comes my way and bag them at every instance, to all I naturally can. For I have concluded the week and poor communication that reflect most people are taken advantage of throughout the industry, as tactical standard policy.

      I have looked at free editions of iobit on several computers in the past and have been initially mostly impressed, but only use the product for limited periods, for I am dubious, in the possibility of third party spoiling involvement tagging during the free updates.
      I again since very recently have looked at the free Iobit offerings on a number of android devices and also revisiting the pc version with good results, have not yet noticed a problem uniquely related to iobit.

      I also have noticed people recently complaining about comodo free fire wall on other sites and reviews, A product that appeals to me despite a 30% installation miss rate experienced by me on a dozen computers. The most recent install had issue with the included offered bundled, priv dog clashing with a installed Trend browser guard. Resolved it by choosing one or the other, stuck with in this instance, with the trend product.

      I intend to continue with comodo as I have worked out a higher installation success rate and value the reward appropriately.

      I will continue to view iobit on multiple platforms, for the greater good of others, that my recommendations to those around me can be better qualified.

      enjoyed the discussion regards……

  25. Tone

    IOBIT’s Driver Booster shows a list of various drivers with check marks, the “Performance” of which all say, “Driver is


    At the top of that list’s panel it reads, “Driver Booster V1.0 … FREE”. When I click on that red “FREE”, another panel

    pops up, at the bottom of which it says, “Purchase Now”.

    “FREE”? — “Purchase Now”. (Hello!) You suppose this some sort of programmer’s joke?

  26. IHateIObit

    I had many problems with IObit’s software because I used cracked serials and they redflagged my computer it had like that scareware shit. Had to do a reformat also I also did a background check before and their community admins managers etc. Don’t recommend their crap on the forums. Now on the pages they say that they’ve reported us users who pirated their crapware. Should I be afraid if they report me to Interpol?

    1. Shane Gowland Post author

      I wouldn’t worry. If you’re in the EU (you’re proxying via the Philippines, so I’m guessing based on the law enforcing agency you mentioned), then the likelihood of being targeted by a shady Chinese firm is reasonably unlikely.

      Piracy, even of shitware, is still bad. The easiest way to avoid repercussions is to just buy the apps you want. But hey, I’m a software developer. I have to say that 😛

  27. Jim

    I just found out about iObit business practice the hard way this month. I was double billed for a year long subscription of Advanced Care System V6. First billing was in October 2013 and the second 2 months later in December 2013. I filed a claim through Paypal against Avangate B.V. for the double billing, but Avangate denied my claim despite having all documentation, license numbers, dates, etc. They also sent me an outdated version 5 of Advanced System Care along with the second over-billing. After hours searching the Internet for similar events, I became aware of just how dishonest this company and the Chinese business culture really is. Stealing money from customers and stealing intellectual property from other companies & Countries. In response I have deleted all iObit software from my computer and am trying to clean out any potential residual iObit ” corporate spyware” left behind. It’s pretty damn frustrating from a consumer perspective. Especially when you trust a company and are cheated and mistreated in return for that trust and investment.


      What happened to you had the same results as what happened to me. I prepaid for a year’s renewal long in advance of my current suscription expiring. When I became alarmed at some of IObit’s procedures, I tried to cancel. the prepaid subscription renewal which hadn’t yet gone into effect. Despite repeated efforts, they have yet to refund my money or explain why they haven’t.. AVOID THESE THIEVES LIKE THE PLAGUE!

  28. zeroMECH

    This software downloaded all by itself and its been lagging and wrecking my computer ever since. It is a malware indeed. the IObit on the forum where the IObit admin said claiming that their stuff is in china and their stuff is Chinese is Racist when one of their head admins have Chinese letters. lol

  29. biologixco

    Ever since using iobit ASC free, I have encountered certain problems.
    1. Using the “back” button, it generates a new tab. The computer I am on now will generate one new tab. My older PC generates as many tabs as times you hit the back button. Very annoying. And I havent found ANYONE that can help me fix it.
    2. Pesky Pop ups constantly appear after upgrades.
    3. Unless you carefully check or uncheck boxes, you get useless toolbars that slow you down.
    NEVER deal with a Chinese company~! Its hilarious to see the Russian guy with the CCCP handle trying to defend iobit. Let me tell you about my OWN dealing with Chinese companies. I went to Beijing to sign a contract with a STATE OWNED FIRM (they ARE Communists, lets not forget) During the final negotiation just before signing, one of the women negotiators blatantly asked for $10,000USD (and NOT Yuan) under the table to complete the contract. I said NO, because it is a violation of US Law to do this. My Austrian Engineering partner wanted to pay the money. And he did. 10 grand under the table. The funny thing is, a competitor for this contract from Italy paid 20grand~~! So the Chinese got $30,000 USD and left our firm hanging like a leaf in the wind…EVEN WITH A SIGNED CONTRACT. Our companies were shut out of $20million USD project. I complained to the Chinese Embassy in Washington. They LAUGHED at us. I went to the US State Department under George DUHbya Bush. THEY LAUGHED AT US AND ASKED US WHAT THE HELL THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO DO. And with no rule of law, there was NO RECOURSE. So…rule of thumb is: DON’T TRUST THE CHINESE. NEVER EVER~! They are deceitful and untrustworthy. Take it from someone who KNOWS. Now if I can only get ASC and their crappy malware OFF my computer…

    1. Shane Gowland Post author

      You seem stressed. Give malwarebytes a try to fix any issues with your PC. The ‘full scan’ option will give you plenty of time to fetch some Chinese takeaway.

  30. Okhotnik

    Seems IOBit is at it again with Advanced SystemCare 7. I have uninstalled it using Revo Uninstaller, which has a “hunter” mode that shows you how deep into the registry any software is located. I used the “advanced” mode and completely removed everything. Revo says the IOBit program suite is not installed and so does Programs and Features in Win7. However, in Task Manager there is a program named Monitor.exe still running. Checked the properties and the entire installation folder is still present to include “SPsetup.exe” and “Autoreactivator.exe,” which sounds evil. Click on any executable in the folder tree and it will launch. There are always some remaining files after an application is uninstalled, but executable files should either not be present at all, or should fail to activate..
    Instead, what appears to happen is whether you use a third party uninstall program like Revo or the native Programs and Features in Windows, both cause the IOBit suite to launch its own uninstaller program that tells the computer everything is uninstalled when, actually, It can only be truly deactivated and removed by using brute force.

  31. Paul

    I got sucked into their free verrsion of advanced care early 2014, their inteface seemed impressive, so i upgraded to PRO for $23.99 (with their new year ad promo) went to ultimate version 4 an extra $9.99 My computer died 3 days later it crashed, it was a lot slower, and lost internet connection on one of my computers because it stuffed my registry.DONT EVER TRUST iobit software it will corrupt your software and PC.I promise you!
    Tried getting a full refund, they only returned $9.99, the other i was ripped off of $23.99 because i upgraded to a version called “ultimate” which included an antivirus i mean big f***ing whoopee do, seriously IOBIT are a disgrace they have no ethics,moral attributes, and the company is plain 100% GARBAGE! Finally, when i emailed to get a full refund their excuse was “you can keep our software for the entire year for which i am subscribed” thus only refund $9.99 I dont care if its a dollar i lost i hope they burn in HELL!!!

  32. G.Y. Land

    Software that Windows does itself. Dubious business practices.
    Stay away from IOBIT products as much as you can as you invite trouble. Furthermore it stifles your computer with Yahoo products you do not want and are difficult to get rid of. Save your money and use Windows own products and install advised updates. You also get free of charge the Yahoo products you do not want and are difficult to uninstal.

    I have reported IOBIT and the way they conduct their business to the Department of Consumer Affairs as well as to the Federal Police Scamwatch program. If you need proof contact me.

  33. David

    I had tried a free 3 months of Advanced System Care Pro version 7.1. Once I used their deep registry cleaner and repair desktop links programs, my PC was rendered useless. All of my file associations became linked to Windows Media Center. I had tons of system errors. Fortunately, I had a full image backup and I restored my PC. I will never use Advanced System Care again. I recommend TuneUp Utilities to keep your system optimized. Advanced System Care is too aggressive at optimizations.

  34. Janet Morrison

    I tried the Advanced System Care software but it didn’t seem to do much good. The issue that I’m now having is that I was recently charged for 3 licenses (I have 1 computer that is being restored since it’s become virtually useless.). I called to have the money refunded since I did not authorize automatic renewal. But wait!! Their website has an automatic renewal default unless you go to the bottom of the page to uncheck the selection. When I called, I was told that they would put a prioity on my refund and it would be returned in 24 hours. In 24 hours I received an e-mail to let me know that the license had been cancelled, but am I sure that I don’t want to renew. I told them no that I wanted my money back in my account immediately. Well, over 72 hours later, all I’m getting is e-mails to say the refund is being processed.

    Stay away from this outfit including iobit. What a racket!!

  35. Passerby

    I was charged last year, and then I was told it was automatic renewal. After I complained, I received a mail saying the function has been disabled and I would get refund. Wrong. I got another notice that they were going to charge me. I contacted them again, and they apparently did not charge me. Anyways, I contacted the BBB and complained about this. I found out there were many complaints regarding automatic renewal function. I also found out they did not give a refund because I did not respond to their inquiry why I was canceling. And they have a nerve to ask me why I am canceling this.

  36. Chris Carrick

    Have been using ASC for years and it does sort out and speed up PC . Using free version of AVG so all the cookies would build up fast without it . Don’t mind auto renew if happy with it but you do get into strife if you have it on several PC,s with same email address for renewal . Keeping yahoo toolbar off has not been a problem even for a novice . Comments posted are of concern , but no one has suggested alternative that will sought out PC with just one click . Years ago had “System mechanic” . You only paid once for as long as you wanted it . Get sick of sites that claim they will find your faults .Only telling you once you have done a big download and time consuming scan that if you want to fix you will have to pay . .

  37. John C

    I had it on one machine i serviced but the system constantly detects problems even after it previously said it had cleaned them up in my opinion this software is scare-ware to get you to buy their full version. I see no reason to leave a program on a machine that could install malware in the guise of optimizing your machine. Quite frankly it just doesn’t work it loads on start up and quite frankly isn’t needed as windows has the utilities built in to optimize your operating system. Why put something on your machine from a disreputable company like theirs that were involved with the theft of a database from malwarebytes. What other disreputable things might they do if you install it on your computer could it give them a backdoor onto your system…maybe.

  38. Fred

    I just the other day down loaded a host of IObit programs the free ones of course I decided that I had too many programs and went to delete it after clicking uninstall an item came up that said I could install the Pro version for 3 months for free. Have I done the right thing or should I try to delete the whole lot of IObit software. I know little about computers except emails downloads etc as far as programs go if CC net or File Hippo recommend it and it looks useful and I think it may assist my computer I down load it. I expect I am like a lot of 60 odd year old’s whom never grew up with computers and are not into them into a big way so we have to trust others to let us know if programs are good or bad

  39. Jonas

    Iobit are thieves in the real world if all those articles and facts are true. Their program works very well thought…cleaned upp all my machine from all shit and got improved overall performance. And no it`s not the freeware version.

    Iobit is not the only program that includes shit in the freeware programs.
    I think all anti-virus companies are fraudsters,why? who make viruses and spywares without profit?
    Yes there are morons out there who make viruses because they are sick but most trojans,viruses etc is made by professionals employed by antivirus companies.
    This is what i believe in. To program and make malicious/dangerous codes is not just to push a button and Voilà!!!

    1. Shane Gowland Post author

      The overwhelming majority of malware/viruses exists to make money for the creator. Newer malware exacts a ransom, tricks you into buying fake software, steals bank details or enlists your computer into a botnet which can be leased to other criminals.

      Viruses are almost exclusively created by cybercrime gangs. Hundreds of them are arrested every year, which demonstrates that law enforcement are able to hunt down these criminals. Despite thousands of cybercrime investigations, a security software firm has never been caught producing malware.

      The idea that viruses are made by antivirus companies defies logic. It’s delusional. Idiotic, even.

  40. Choob

    Honestly I loved this product. Years ago my computer was really messed up and kept crashing, I downloaded their spyware cleanup or whatever and it fixed every, have been loyal every since. But recently I bought a Surface Pro 3 and installed ASC on it. I ran the registry cleanup and I think that’s what messed it up (metro apps on 8.1 stopped working and then ends up in BIOS screen). Had to system reset the whole thing, wipe out all the files and then it started working again. Reinstalled ASC, ran the registry clean up and not too long it started crashing again. Now I have a new SP3 because I had to return the old one, installed ASC, scanned registry fix and nothing happened but still found a lot of errors even though it shouldn’t have. I then came across this website and uninstalled the ASC because you guys freaked me out and made me not trust this company anymore but do you think their registry fix is too strong and removes too many files that shouldn’t be and is what resulted in my computer messing up?

  41. C.G. Ballard, Technology Consultant

    I have read through this post on IOBit with great interest. While I am concerned by many of the comments posted here, in over 25 years of providing tech support to numerous small business and lots of friends, I have seen many similar situations with many software companies in the past, right down to the unethical practices of companies like Microsoft engaging in anti-trust violations. So while I am glad Shane has provided this post, but so far, my experience with IOBit products has been almost entirely positive. My first experience with them was probably 6 or 7 years ago – version 4.0 if I recall – which I installed on several machines running Windows XP. I was reluctant to use any similar product, having had bad results several years earlier with a couple other products from well know companies that ended up messing up my operating system. But the free version of ASC I tested impressed me with the way it improved performance of the computers, so I bought the Pro version, and got even better results. Since then, I have installed it on thirty or forty machines, under every version of windows since XP, including Windows 8.1 Pro.

    While I have run into some problems with setting up auto-pay, and canceling some subscriptions – as reported by others here, they were resolved by setting up accounts online at the iobit.com website, where I now manage all subscriptions for myself and several clients. It can be a bit confusing to go between the order information pages to the subscription management page, but once I worked that out I can now add or cancel subscriptions and setup auto-pay with little difficulty. What I have been impressed with so far, is that nearly every machine I have added ASC Pro to has had major performance improvements, under every version of Windows I installed it in. So for now, I plan to continue to use it, but I will follow up on any concerns others express over IOBit software and ethics violations.

    For my part, the only issues that still occasionally bother me is in the way they aggressive try to push other IOBit utilities, such as IOBit Malware Fighter Pro, which I do not need or use, and in the way some installations have engaged in attempting to add on toolbars from other companies – a fairly common practice though, with many other well know software companies engaged in the same activities. It usually takes the form of attempting to add browser toolbars, install antivirus programs (like MacAfee), or to change your browser home page and search provider to Ask.com or Yahoo, which they no doubt get paid to do by those companies. Also IOBit like some other companies, use third party websites like MajorGeeks.com or C/NET, where every effort is made to trick or entice you into downloading some other programs you do not want – a real nuisance for my part, but not a major problem.

    Overall, the quality of ASC Pro and the service it provides has been nearly indispensable and I do plan to continue using it unless something of greater concern happens. The reason I found Shane’s blog on this subject today was due to the recent experience of having another IOBit program “Driver Booster Pro” – that I started to use on a few machines a few months ago, with very good results – now being flagged and quarantined by Norton Antivirus as “probable dangerous spyware” or something to like that. Though no definite explanation has so far been provided by Norton that I have found for this conclusion, I will follow up with them to see if it is indeed a real problem, or possibly an error in A/V interpretation of the installation. My only advice to others here is to remember that over time, nearly every issue I see reported here has been applied to other companies. It is not always the company that is a bad apple, more often than not I suspect it has been individuals with a company who create problems. How fast the problems are cleared up when reported does say something about the company though, so I will continue to monitor this blog, and others to see what happens next.

    1. Harry

      You are severely misguided and it takes a security expert and expert in Windows to know and understand Mr. Gowland is 100% correct. I hate to sound negative, but ASC depends on customers who are technically “sheeple” enough to end up making the statements you make. In Matrix movie parlance, Shane has taken the pink pill and you have taken the blue one.

      Furthermore, no security expert would recommend ever allowing an American enterprise to install any software whose publisher is China because there is a hacking war between us and them and this is well-documented. China corporations are always under control of the Chinese government and ASC is their jewel product for infiltration into Americian PCs using the latest undetectable viruses. Do the research on what i just said. I have and it is 100%. When i test-installed this product three years ago, I found it intentionally did not uninstall itself cleanly and i guarantee you if you uninstall it there will be services or scheduled tasks or drivers that remain behind. When you take the blue bill, you look at the entry in Programs and Features and see it is gone and actually believe you have uninstalled it. But not ASC and i guarantee it without ever having installed it in three years. That’s because i see this all the time with evil unwanted applications. They have zero reason to properly uninstall themselves. Do you know how to tell if it uninstalled perfectly? I do and it is proprietary but easily doable.

      Go to their website and see if you can tell they are a Chinese company. You cannot and hiding this is by design. They want you to think they are from “somewhere”, perhaps even the USA, but they know smart people will never install it if it says “China” so they don’t post it. A good company not involved in rogue practices will proudly discuss where they are located. But not *ANY* company in China that can serve the interests of the Chinese government. I have documented this countless of times and I can tell you the top 1,000 security experts in the world would all agree and tell me not to waste my time rebutting anyone saying I am being unfair, broadbrush, etc.

      “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I’m offering is the truth – nothing more”

      Shane: you are a brave and courageous man and you are doing smart people a great service with this page. I am proud to know you (although we have never met or communicated). In the security world, we always try to mentor and educate and that is always the biggest challenge. Any article or post here that speaks positively about ASC is a great disservice to America and our government and I say that plain and simply.


  42. Minnie Johnson

    I recently purchased IObit Advanced System Care, Driver Booster, and Smart Defrag. A trial version of IObit Malware Fighter came with it. Then I did a really dumb thing–I upgraded to IObit Malware Fighter 3 PRO.

    Once they had my money, they told me I had to let them take over my computer to install it. It was late; I wasn’t thinking… The company I bought the software from was called Avangate; the company that did the install was called TLC, located in India.

    After installing the software, they transferred me to another rep who told me my PC was running very slow. He said that PCs have to be serviced at least every three months (huh?), and he would be very happy to sign me up for a full service agreement for nearly $400! I’m dumb, but not that dumb.

    After reading the comments above, I’m now worried that they added a little something to the “install.” Since the other IObit products (Advanced System Care, Driver Booster, etc.) have caused nothing but trouble, I’m uninstalling everything. I’ll just chalk it up to a life lesson learned.


    I paid for a liscense for IOBIT Systemcare 5. I had partitioned my PC HDD into several partitions in order to set up a bullet-proof firewall against malware; operating on the internet out of C: and keeping all vetted data and software on D:. D also contained a verified virgin copy of the Win OS which could be restored to C: in 5 minutes in case of infection. This is my answer to all virus. The problem is, a certain class of “helpful” software is virus.

    First IOBIT Systemcare 5 cancelled my liscense after I had restored the C: image a few times, accusing me of using the software on multiple computers. (Crooks always suspect others of being crooks).

    The next shoe to drop was, as the PC was booting, Systemcare 5 intercepted the boot-up for a “registry defrag”. After the “free service” defrag, drive D disappeared, taking my image-restore program and the virgin image of C: with it, along with 40GB of backup data and verified software with it.

    I was very fortunate that merely re-installing XP on the D: partition brought D: and all of my images and data back from the bit-bucket.

    I would not send my children to IOBIT. IOBIT: Horrible !

  44. Robert G.

    I has the same experience as listed above with Advanced System Care Pro. After purchase, i was to call to activate the software. That should have been the first RED flag. I have now uninstalled it and emailed them for a refund. Will see how that goes.

  45. Edward Smith

    I had probs today too with IObit.

    I paid for Advanced System Care (ASC) Pro 8. An accompanying Malware program was supposed to be free but I could not understand why I had to activate a free program. It looks like it is free to scan but you have to pay to get malware removed?

    I called call centre in India but agents could be barely understood, are quick tempered or incompetent. I asked for head office of IObit but nobody knere where it was, some said in Glendale, California but it is actually Hong Kong.

    Apparently a company called Avangate collects the money for IObit sales. I called their CANADIAN phone line but that call ended up in Europe. The agent there named Nick could not provide the contact address for IOBit and said it was in Hong Kong. There was no manager or supervisor on duty even thought Avangate says they are open 24/7. He said it was midnight when I called a 3 pm Mountain Time from Alberta, Canada. Nick did take my email address and said he would get supervisor to contact me Monday.

    Good Lord… I have wasted 3 hours dealing with IOBit — never again.

    DO NOT BUY ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS or you will end up in the call centre from hell!

    I am deleting ASC 8 and asking for a full refund. I will also forward a complaint to Consumer Affairs in Canada and/or US. The company needs to be shut down and appears disreputable to me. Stay away from IObit!

  46. Geeky guy

    Great job Shane! Thanks for hosting this page.

    On 25 July 2015, I have done a brief test on a product of IOBit – Driver Booster Free v2.4.0 (as I know my colleagues use it to update driver and I doubt if it really did the job.)

    My test machine was running Win7 w/SP1 x64 and with Intel Pro 1000/MT as NIC. The driver (v8.4.1.0, 28-May-2008) came with Windows Installation disc. I downloaded and ran the software, it said there was a driver update with version with a date of 23-Sep-2008.

    On Intel website, it said “These adapters are only supported by the drivers included “in box” with Microsoft Windows* 7 and Windows* Server 2008 R2.” and “No driver or software updates are planned for these adapters.”

    URL of captured screen – https://www.facebook.com/GeekyGuyHK/photos/a.550316944981541.127876.547582625254973/1092900837389813

    I would say it does not make sense to do the update as per Intel website. Thus my conclusion is that I will surely NOT trusting it at all and will avoid the product.

    BTW, “If a bad guy can persuade you to run his program on your computer, it’s not your computer anymore.” – 10 Immutable Laws of Security from Microsoft – https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/2008.10.securitywatch.aspx.

  47. The Doctor

    I just discovered this post via (of all things) a steam review. And I must say I agree completely with your findings. I was aware they were forcibly including malware onto my computer when updating advanced system care because I was having issues with getting rid of “Spigot.” Upon emailing them and informing them of the discovery that they were including malware (i believed it was an accident -oh how naive I was) they told me it was a legit program and they would never do such a thing.
    Up until two days ago I was still using Advanced System Care when I came upon a serious problem. It had decided to take it upon itself (as I had not touched the application in a couple weeks) to delete not only my windows 10 start menu, but Cortana, and the search function. I kept getting popups telling me that there was remaining files of these things that may slow my computer down. I had to restore my computer.
    I’m glad to have seen this post before I downloaded that P.o.S. again.

  48. ejjesmith

    shane, great forum providing intelligent info as well as pointing out the sheep mentality not only here in america but around the world. I like yourself do not act without knowledge or information.A quote I grew up with the world is made up of sheep and sheep herders,there are very few sheep herders. People don’t actually want to have an opinion or input as that requires work and above all taking responsibility for any given choice or action. So often I hear ,I didn’t know or they never told me.I’ll of course pose the question did you ask.And so ends another story.

    One small moment of your time earlier in this forum you mentioned your company and I wonder what is the name of that company and what product entities reside under your umbrella,you also mentioned that “you have supported companies you disagree with on ethics and they are still putting forth an effective program. Within the genres spoken about,what are some of those you promote and support” I would be interested intrying and comparing

    1. Shane Gowland Post author

      Thank you for your comment. The comment you’re alluding to was referring to IObit, who despite my ethical objections to, do produce reasonably functional software. If you would like to read about some of the businesses I am involved in, check out my about page.


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