Hi, I’m Shane. I’m a web designer, software developer, and digital marketer based in South Australia. I make money running websites and building software.

You might know me as the developer behind System Ninja, CCEnhancer, and the now defunct JavaRa, which are software products created for Microsoft Windows. You can find these on SingularLabs.

I’m a familiar face in the Australian pet industry, particularly in bird-keeping circles. I run Aussie Finch Forum, Australia’s largest community for finch breeders; as well as Aviculture Hub, one of the fastest-growing websites for bird enthusiasts. I also created AviManage—a computer program that helps monitor bird breeding results and track genealogy, that’s used by bird parks, zoos, and large-scale breeders all around the world.

Skills & Education

I attained a Bachelor of Business from the University of South Australia in 2017. I’m best described as a generalist, although I have a particular affinity for digital marketing.

Although my formal education is in business, I have substantial software and web development experience, having worked with C#, Visual Basic (.NET), Java, PHP, HTML/CSS, Python and MySQL. My preferred platforms for building websites are WordPress—which I’ve used since 2009—and WooCommerce.