I bought a chocolate shop

Curatorial Chocolates is an artisan chocolate and gifts store that launched in 2021. Though it was predominantly an eCommerce business, Curatorial Chocolates previously ran a physical pop-up shop in Bulimba

2022 year in review

This is my 5th annual “year in review” post, in which I look back at some of the things I worked on in the previous twelve months. This year’s review

System Ninja 4.0 in public beta

I’ve just dropped the first beta of System Ninja 4.0 over at SingularLabs. System Ninja, of course, is the Windows cleaning/maintenance app I’ve been developing for 12 years now. The

The new SingularLabs website

Earlier this week, I rolled out a long-awaited redesign of the SingularLabs website. The site had previously been using a modified version of a 9 year old WordPress theme, so

A look back at some failed and unfinished projects

This is a very uncomprehensive list of projects I’ve started and abandoned in the last eight years. Several of them didn’t technically fail, as they eventually evolved into different projects

State of the Labs

SingularLabs has been struggling lately. Other projects and commitments have consumed most of my productive time over the last two years, and SingularLabs has languished as a result. In June we had our lowest ever monthly traffic at 68,000 pageviews. To put that in perspective, in June of 2014 we did 68,000 pageviews in the month’s first three days.