September – Month In Review

September was yet another month consumed by academic work and an unusually large amount of freelance web development work. Much like August, that left a less than ideal amount of time (and mental energy) to achieve much in my entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Nucleus Revived

Nucleus is an effort to bring the Mac menu bar to Windows. I started the project over three years ago, but sadly had to abandon it in late-2013 to focus on other projects.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve slowly restarted development on Nucleus. Windows 8 and Windows 10’s interface changes broke most of Nucleus’ UI code, so I basically started from scratch. Staring from a clean sheet of paper proved to be a good decision, because this new iteration of Nucleus is significantly more smooth and stable than its previous incarnations.


The goal of Nucleus going forward will be to bring all of SingularLabs’ tools together into one streamlined interface. Remembr has already been incorporated, as has ProcessAlive. I’m also planning to build a robust plugin API so that our other software titles can integrate with Nucleus as well.

Nucleus continues to be a tool that I really want to be able to use everyday. Hopefully there’s other people out there who feel the same.

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The Web Atom’s new high-capacity hosting

There’s a new hosting plan available on The Web Atom. We’re now offering “high-capacity” shared hosting services to target those customers who outgrow our traditional shared hosting, but aren’t yet ready to move into the world of dedicated servers.

From my announcement post:

Today we’re unveiling Nucleus; our extremely powerful, high capacity web hosting plan. Nucleus has been built to handle the traffic of large online stores, popular blogs or busy forums; without losing the simplicity of shared hosting.

The Web Atom is likely to make it’s first profit this month, just two months after launching.

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August – Month in Review

This is my second ever monthly review and, truth be told, I feel as though I accomplished less than desired in August. I went back to university to do some courses in marketing and international business, mostly to fill in some gaps in my skillset. Unfortunately academia is time consuming, but I’ve still managed hit most of the goals I set for the month.

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Going Ethical

I’ve been doing a bad thing for three years now. To boost profits, SingularLabs was using OpenCandy to bundle third-party software with System Ninja. Even though we didn’t allow any toolbar or search products to be bundled, this partnership was frustrating to our users. Many had to wrestle with their security products just to get our software running, while others found themselves with software on their computer that they didn’t actually want.

I wasn't going to source this image, but that would have been too ironic.

I wasn’t going to source this image, but that would have been too ironic.

This couldn’t go on any longer, so I’m happy to say that all of SingularLabs’ installers are 100% free of advertising and bundled software. The damage to our reputation and the inconvenience to the users was not worth the few thousand a year we will no longer be making.

It should be noted that this decision is not an indictment of OpenCandy or the installer bundling industry. When done correctly, it’s a valuable way for indie developers to generate much needed revenue with little harm to the end user. (For the last time, OpenCandy is not spying on you or planning to, I dunno; sell your organs to ISIS)

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The iPad’s sales are declining

According to Neil Cybart, the iPad’s sales are declining as part of a wider trend in the tablet market.

The tablet market is in complete disarray. Only five short years ago, the iPad helped jumpstart the category, ushering in multi-touch computing and the modern-day app revolution to large-screen devices. Today, there has never been a time when the tablet market faces so much unknown.

A quick look at iPad and tablet shipment data would show that things have gotten bad in recent quarters. However, in reality, things are much worse than quarterly shipment data would suggest.

I would like to present my own theory on the tablet market’s decline: tablets are not very good. I’m on my third iPad; the previous two would inexplicably power down and Apple graciously replaced them citing “manufacturing issues.” The iPad can barely handle casual web browsing without crashing on JavaScript-intensive pages or forcing re-loads when changing tabs.

These quality problems don’t just affect iPads; the Galaxy Tab I own suffers many of the same performance and stability issues. I would not buy another tablet until serious improvements are made. Many others, I presume, feel exactly the same way.

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