Moore’s Law is Ending

"Intel" by Alice Bevan–McGregor

“Intel” by Alice Bevan–McGregor

“Moore’s law” is the observation that the number of transistors that will fit on an integrated circuit, will double roughly every two years. The law has held strong through 50 years of exponential increases in computing power.

NGP’s M. Mitchell Waldrop writes:

Next month, the worldwide semiconductor industry will formally acknowledge what has become increasingly obvious to everyone involved: Moore’s law, the principle that has powered the information-technology revolution since the 1960s, is nearing its end.

In a nutshell, silicon transistors have become so small that they’re beginning to conflict with the laws of physics.

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FileAnalyzr is back.

At the behest of SingularLabs forum moderator Phobos, I’ve revived the System Ninja ‘FileAnalyzr’ plugin. The tool calculates the MD5, CRC, SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashes of any file. It was originally released in 2010, but sometime after it stopped working and remained that way for half a decade or so.


The new version is basically identical to the old version – except that it actually works. One can download it from the System Ninja Plugins page. Widows 10 users will need to ‘Unblock‘ the .zip file before it will run.

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January – Month in Review

January was a successful month. There was a lot of behind-the-scenes work completed on my various websites, plus a consistent amount of new content. I was very pleased to learn that 5/6 websites that I run increased in traffic compared to the month prior and half of them had revenue increases.

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An image manipulation and compression app I’ve been working on.

After reading Jeff Atwood’s recent blog post on Zopfli optimization, I wanted to see how hard it would be to create a GUI to apply the compression algorithm to my PNG files.

The design is borrowed heavily from Teeny Tokyo. I don’t know whether I’ll ever release this thing, but if I do I’ll be sure to change the interface so John Saddington doesn’t punch me in the face.


The thing is actually completely functional – except for the image resizing stuff – and does reduce the filesize of PNG images considerably. Unfortunately the compression algorithm is horrendously slow, sometimes taking 15-20 seconds per file. Basically, the only way this ever sees a public release is if I can make it run considerably faster with some multithreading magic.

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December – Month in Review

December was quite a productive month. There was software releases (plural!), website redesigns, blogging, freelance work, and the holiday season.

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Atom Editor ‘Open With’ Assistant for Windows

Github’s Atom text editor is one of the best available. Unfortunately on Windows, there’s no easy way to set Atom as the default editor for specific file formats.

The issue was reported on Github and a viable workaround was devised, however the workaround has its own set of annoyances. Atom user bilderbuchi observes the following:

  • I got no way to select the Atom icon, I got an empty white rectangle.
  • It flickers the terminal for a split second, which interestingly does not happen when starting atom via the start menu. Annoying, but not vital.
  • It says “atom.cmd” in the relevant dialogs/menus, which is not exactly beautiful/elegant.
  • I can’t imagine a normal user to go through this dance to do this, compared to the experience in other editors like Notepad++.
  • I’ve created my own solution to this problem by adding an “intermediary” executable file that can easily be set as the default associated program for filetypes that then passes the file along to Atom. The most significant benefit of this method is that it correctly sets the file association icon.

    Simply install ‘Atom Editor OpenWith Assistant‘ and associate your code files with ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Atom Editor OpenWith Assistant\Atom OpenWith Assistant.exe


    Files associated with the OpenWith Assistant will now display the above Atom icon designed by Tharique Azeez. The hastily written VB.NET code behind this program is available on Github.

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