Thoughts on monetizing an established online community

First, a little backstory In 2008, when I was about 15 years old, I was obsessed with The Sims games. So obsessed that I actively participated in a number of fan communities, which were typically structured as forums or primitive social networks. One of the larger fansites at the time—Insimenator—had suffered from operational issues for

Microsoft Surface Laptop – A Review

I purchased a Microsoft Surface Laptop about six months ago (this post has been sitting in drafts for a while—sorry), after my trusty 2012 model Macbook Air started having age-related issues. It wasn’t a rejection of Apple; just a change to something new. The base model Surface Laptop retails (at the time) for around AUD$1500

2018 year in review

I had a lot of fun putting together the the ‘year in review’ post that I wrote last year. Even though I didn’t do quite as much in 2018 (no new software products, no international travel, no life milestones), I thought it might still be worthwhile to summarize the year for the sake of posterity.

2017 year in review

Big Fat Quiz Of The Year’s David Mitchell described 2017 as “personally adequate, internationally disastrous.” It’s an apt summation of a year in which I enjoyed personal successes and amazing experiences, set against a backdrop of global chaos and calamity.