Aviculture Wiki

I finally unveiled the bird keeping/breeding information website I’ve been working on for quite some time.


Aviculture Wiki is a collaboratively edited resource for serious bird keepers. Our carefully curated articles include thorough, concise and accurate information covering dozens of species. We demand that our authors only write articles on species they have personally kept, ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained.

I know people only read this blog for the free software, so I’ll stop talking about birds now.

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The Amazon Rainforest Is Dying

A recently published journal has described the long-term impacts of increased atmospheric carbon on the Amazon Rainforest. Unfortunately the paper itself is behind a paywall, but the good folks over at Science Magazine have translated it into more human-readable terms.

The Amazon rainforest, which covers a staggering 550 million hectares, is losing its ability to soak up carbon dioxide from the air, according to the results of a huge long-running study. Over the past 2 decades, trees in the Amazon have been dying at an increasing rate, rendering the massive jungle a weaker absorber, or “sink,” of CO2, which plants take up during photosynthesis, forest ecologists report.

Another research paper added to the top of a mountain of scientific evidence the world’s politicians seem adamant to ignore.

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What happens when the queen dies?

Royal visit to HertfordshireBusiness Insider provides a surprisingly interesting look at the political and economic impact of Queen Elizabeth the Second’s inevitable death.

Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of this Realm and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, is not going to live forever. Since ascending to the throne in 1952, the monarch has seen 12 Prime Ministers serve Britain, and lived through another 12 US Presidents. She’s now 88. At some point — not for many years yet, we hope — Queen Elizabeth II’s reign will come to an end. But what happens then?

For at least 12 days — between her passing, the funeral and beyond — Britain will grind to a halt. It’ll cost the British economy billions in lost earnings. The stock markets and banks will close for an indefinite period. And both the funeral and the subsequent coronation will become formal national holidays, each with an estimated economic hit to GDP of between £1.2 and £6 billion, to say nothing of organisational costs.

But to focus on the financial disruption doesn’t begin to describe the sheer magnitude of it. It will be an event unlike anything Britain has ever seen before. There will be trivial disruptions — the BBC will cancel all comedy shows, for example — and jarring cultural changes. Prince Charles may change his name, for instance, and the words of the national anthem will be changed, too.

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Twenty Two

The twenty-first year of my life was a curious creature. The months before my 21st were quite stressful and dramatic, culminating in a need to press reset on my life. I had just quit my job, effectively dropped out of university and cut a lot of toxic things in my life.

The year became a weird mix of entrepreneurship, soul searching and lazing around. I played a lot of video games and watched a lot of television. I built cool software like Remembr and AviManage, and continued working on my various web and software projects – despite pulling the plug on quite a few. Towards the end of 2014 I found myself in Malaysia, England, Italy and Austria.

I’m starting Twenty Two from a position of strength. Just last week I began studying a Bachelor of Innovation And Entrepreneurship and the University of South Australia, who were kind enough to let me back in the door. There’s so much I want to accomplish this year and I’m finally confident that I can put aside the personal bullshit and get things done. I have some pet themed projects I want to get wrapped up. There’s so many improvements to be made to my existing software offerings and, perhaps most importantly; I intend to put some real effort into completing my eduction this year. And next year. Possibly even the year after.

Finally some direction. Even if I no fucking clue where that direction is going to take me.

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John Oliver Asks: ‘Daylight Savings – How Is This Still A Thing? ‘

I always thought it had something to do with cows. Stupid, stupid cows.

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Work-In-Progress: Facebook Messenger client for Windows

I so dearly loved Goofy, the Facebook Messenger client for Mac, that I felt compelled to port it to Windows. It’s currently a work in progress but is fully functional!


Open to naming suggestions.

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