“Avengers: Age of Ultron” Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron leaked a week earlier than anticipated (Marvel swiftly blamed Hydra) and it looks spectacular.

The use of ‘there’s no strings on me” from Pinocchio as the background music, in the context of a murderous Artificial Intelligence (with James Spader’s voice!) is just creepy in the most awesome way.

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Java Runtime installer now removes obsolete versions

This might have happened an while ago, but I don’t install the JRE very often and may have overlooked it. The installer for Oracle’s Java Runtime Environment now fully uninstalls outdated and insecure versions. Java security flaws are discovered with concerning frequency. In the past, even updating to the newest version could leave your computer vulnerable as obsolete versions were often left behind.


It was this very problem that led (the now defunct) RaProducts to create JavaRa. Now that Oracle has taken responsibility for this problem, JavaRa has become largely purposeless. As the current owner of JavaRa, this is unpleasant news.

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DuplicateFinder; a System Ninja plugin to identify matching files

I finally got around to turning my old duplicate file finding program into a shiny new System Ninja plugin. DuplicateFinder allows you to scan through your computer to identify and remove matching files.

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ISO Republic →

ISO Republic is a new resource for free stock photography for creative projects. I go through a lot of photography in my web design projects and blog posts, so sites like this are incredibly valuable.


All of the images are high resolution and free for personal and commercial use.

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Brackets Adds Split-View Code Editor

Coda is my preferred editor for web development, but unfortunately it’s only available for Mac OS X. When I’m on Windows, I usually use Brackets (or MetroTextual, if it’s something simple) for all my web document needs.

The latest version added the ability to open two different documents and work on them side-by-side. I’m finding it especially useful for editing CSS files without having to switch between tabs.


Brackets is free and open source, so give it a go if you’re a developer looking for a sweet new editor.

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We’ve wiped out half the planet’s wildlife since the 1970s →


A major study conducted by the World Wildlife Fund has found that 52% of the world’s wildlife has disappeared in the last four decades. Freshwater fish have fared worst, with an average population decline of 76%.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of this study is that humanity doesn’t appear to give a shit. How does “we’ve killed half of all the things” not receive media coverage? We’re so collectively unperturbed by the systematic destruction of our ecosystem that it isn’t even considered newsworthy.

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