Goofy is a Mac OS X client for Facebook Messenger. It’s basically just a web-view wrapped around Facebook’s messages page, with a few added extras like notifications.

Never lose your chat window among all the other open browser windows and get notified about new messages.

Goofy isn’t officially supported by Facebook, who have made it perfectly clear that they have no interest in desktop messenger clients.

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Remembr 0.3, with a new UI

remembrpiccoloThis is my second software update of the month that focuses on interface design.

From the announcement post:

Remembr; our super simple clipboard management app, has received a stunning new design and dozens of bugfixes and improvements.

I keep Remembr running in the background whenever I’m using the computer. It’s saved me from so many tragedies, yet most of the time I forget it’s running.

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‘Hyperloop Technology’ gets funded, plans to build Elon Musk’s Hyperloop →

http---hyperlooptechHyperloop looks set to become a reality:

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop may have seemed like a crazy idea pulled out of a science fiction novel when first introduced, but every day it seems closer to reality.

A group called Hyperloop Technologies has stepped up as the first funded Hyperloop startup, armed with an $8.5 million pool of money.

Hyperloop Technology intends to focus on cargo transport, with no immediate plans to jam people into Hyperloop pods.

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TV Show Floorplan Wall Art

TV geeks, rejoice! Now you can own decorative floor plans for all your favorite TV shows, thanks to ‘TVFLOORPLANSandMORE‘ who sells over at Etsy.

They’re hand drawn and pretty damn cool if you’re as obsessed with television as I am. Really need to get the Frasier one on order, immediately.

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Free up iOS disk space with PhoneExpander


PhoneExpander is a bit like CCleaner for your iPhone or iPad. It runs from a Mac and requires that your device is plugged in to clean – this is to circumvent iOS’ strict sandbox.

Is your iOS device running out of space? It’s a very common problem! Apps, Photos and Music take up a ton of space, and after a while your phone can become unusable. It’s not easy to clean out space, most people just resort to deleting their favorite apps. But now there’s a new way: PhoneExpander can clear out the temporary files that are secretly filling up your phone.

PhoneExpander is currently free while it’s in beta, however the final version will be a paid product. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if removing junk files is worth paying for.

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Pokemon as corporate brand identities →

Sebastiaan de With has designed several fictional visual brand identities, using first-generation Pokemon as inspiration.


Since the Pokémon Corporate Personhood Act of 2015, as spearheaded by Professor OAK, Pokémon became free to start their own companies, mandating the design of Pokémon brand identities.

We were on the forefront of this radical development and designed several visual identities for Pokémon.

Rather ingenious marketing for his new design agency. Anything related to Pokemon drives heaps of traffic – just look at the Most Popular posts list in my sidebar.

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