Rich Text Format in MetroTextual

I’ve always regarded MetroTextual as an all-purpose text editor, but it’s always lacked in one huge area – rich text editing. I’ve decided to finally tackle the feature, with the intent of shipping with version 1.8.


When you select “Rich Text” option a new toolbar will appear, providing a number of new text formatting tools. As you can see, there’s not many options available yet as it’s still very early in the development process.

I’m also planning on writing code that will allow the Rich Text Format to be exported as clean HTML code. In the future, this would allow MetroTextual to act as a WYSIWYG editor for writing blog posts. I’d love to explore writing a WordPress plugin for MetroTextual, allowing posts to be published directly from its pretty little interface.

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Critter Addiction

Those who know me personally will testify that I am an avid (possibly obsessive) pet keeper. A while ago I started a new blog to write about the various critters that I’ve got in my collection.


If you have any interest in exotic pet keeping, feel free to subscribe to Critter Addiction.

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Refreshing The Web Atom. Again.

Last month I subjected The Web Atom to yet another pivot, this time transforming it into a more generic technology publication.The topics covered on The Web Atom and this blog have been converging for some time. Occasionally I would write a post about a great new app or service, then struggle to decide which blog it would be more appropriate for. Instead of running two competing websites, I’ve consolidated all of my non-personal blog posts on The Web Atom and exclusively use this blog for personal posts.


Broadening topics covered on The Web Atom will allow me to experiment much more. I can phase out topics that weren’t working (such as WordPress stuff) and replace them with new topics through a gradual process of trial and error. Casual gaming and technology culture have proved themselves popular already, so expect to see them popping up even more.

The site will probably remain in a state of flux (as it has been since it’s peak in 2009), while I explore a number of ideas. A download mirror for third party software is one of the first things on my agenda. There are so many download mirror websites in existence that it seems foolish to create another, but I’m in the unique position of owning a software company that experiences tens of thousands of monthly downloads. That traffic could be leveraged to push The Web Atom’s download mirror into relevancy quite quickly.

Restoring The Web Atom‘s traffic to its previous volume should be an interesting challenge.

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Code Autocomplete in MetroTextual 1.7

MetroTextual is essentially a Metro-style interface wrapped around the open source text editing control called Scintilla. Scintilla is written in C++, which makes interfacing with MetroTextual (which is written in VB.NET & C#) quite complex. Fortunately, an open source Scintilla wrapper called ScintillaNET exists. This enables access to a vast number of code editing features, which MetroTextual is only just beginning to utilize.


The upcoming version 1.7 of MetroTextual will include Code Autocomplete for all the programming languages supported by the editor. Thanks to ScintillaNET’s simple API, it took about ten lines of code to add this functionality. You can expect to see further Scintilla features supported in MetroTextual in future versions. Keep an eye out for version 1.7 in the next couple of days.

Bali, Indonesia

In an attempt to put as much distance as possible between me and my family, I opted to celebrate my 21st birthday in Bali. A tropical paradise with a small group of friends beats a traditional party any day.

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The ‘Pro Club’

Last week I announced SingularLabs’ Pro Club; a new section of SingularLabs that requires a yearly subscription to access. Membership provides access to System Ninja Pro, better support, plus many premium products available in the future.


Directly charging customers allows SingularLabs to lower its reliance on advertising revenue. I, personally, have no issue seeing a few ads in exchange for receiving a free product or service. Unfortunately much of the internet suffers from an entitlement complex that finds this arrangement unacceptable. I often receive hate mail, vicious public slander or even death threats simply for putting a few Google AdSense units on my web pages.
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