Milan, Italy

Milan was easily my favourite stop on this particular trip to Italy. Sometimes it’s nice to see a more contemporary city, but one that still appreciates the cultural and historical significance of its beautiful landmarks.

La Spezia and Lerici, Italy

The Italian riviera is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Unfortunately, being the middle of winter much of the tourist attractions, ferries and restaurants were closed.

Rome, Italy

Rome is one of those beautiful cities in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint and a few big parking lots.

London, United Kingdom

I was in London for the New Years Eve celebrations. In all honesty, they weren’t particularly fun. We had to be inside the enclosed area by around 8pm, which means there was a four hour wait before the fireworks commenced. Unfortunately once inside there was no shelter, seating or places to buy food or drink. We essentially just sat on a frozen road for four hours until we finally got to see a somewhat mediocre firework show. You let me down, London.